Jesus Saves (Tax)

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It’s the talk of the town. Storm-struck Malta is also awe-struck at the power of Jesus (and George). As Easter get’s closer the Nationalist directed government has taken to whipping very religious bunnies out of its apologist (and dusty) christian-democrat hat in order to impress an ever-more baffled populace. The concept of lay government had already been feebly swaying as the ultra-catholic gales of majjistral have attacked it from all sides. No divorce, entrenchment of abortion, a hard life for unmarried couples and any other sneeze that the catholic lobby could conjure have reinforced the winds of Jesus-karma that presumably are the key to the next election victory according to the wise priests at Pieta’.

 If that was not enough, now we have George to feed the ardent flames of sainthood. Preca I mean. He will be sanctified on June whatever and many faithful servants of the Lord will be travelling to the Caput Mundi in Rome for this monumentous occasion. This mass travel must have lit many panic buttons in the minds of the Gvernaturi tal-Pajjiz. Joe and Lawrence must have noticed that at some point in June quite a few planeloads of accolytes of George P will be heading onto a plane and paying the appropriate travel ticket + taxes treat that the government reserves for all those who try to call themselves frequent travels.

Then they noticed the big big hitch… most MUSEUM members do not normally travel much more than to the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary in Gozo and had never been exposed to the exhorbitant taxes that Ceasar has deemed fit to charge the souls of this world whenever they decide to leave the island for a holiday. How would the government avoid the massively efficient MUSEUM network from suddenly discovering the multiplier effect on the hole in the pocket that is the Departure Tax? Easy. Exempt anyone travelling to Rome on or around those days (I am told that a Hamilton Travel Group missed the tax break because their return flight is timed for 20 minutes after midnight after the exemption).

That was not enough. Seeing that most MUSEUM people also double up as educators of this island, the Ministry for Education promptly announced that schools would be closed on the day following George’s official admission among the plethora of Saints much to the pleasure of all hagiographic enthusiasts. No taxes and no education for a day… the government was on a roll. I am told that the Curia was literally head over heels at this wonderful news.

It was then that the newly crowned Bishop of Gozo must have seen that this would be a perfect time to announce that he would be shooting off Down Under for a little session of prayers with the Youth of this World. Yahoo! – all the people say. All Latter Day Catholics who had begun to plan a tax-free skimper across three continents were slightly disappointed with the governmental measures this time round. In fact GonziCo announced that it had an available fund of LM5,000 (€12,500) in order to assist any young people who want to go to Australia with the Bishop of G. So – no tax break – but a virtual sponsorship for avid prayer machines. Time to revise your Hail Holy Queen.

No Mother of Mercy can probably explain this baffling behaviour by the Nationalists in Government. Their obtuseness in confusing what is lay with what is catholic is incredible. Christian Democracy is not really the problem. Real Christian Democracy is not about sucking up to the latest prelate but about a just society of equal values and respect of the human being. It is not about tax breaks for the men in black but about a value based society in which everyone feels included. I would not like to make a mountain out of this Golgotha, especially in this Easter period but I do find the backward summersaults that this government is prepared to perform for the sake of the Catholic Lobby is beginning to be more than suspicious.

Does this government really believe that this is the way to win voters over? Even if it is not a vote-catching campaign what does it really tell us? If this is really a sensitivity to the mass mobility needs of a choked population then why not a tax-holiday during such periods as Christmas, New Year, Easter and the Oktoberfest in Munich? The tax break for George’s graduation ceremony is also an implicit admission that the tax is wrong in the first place. If it was not so burdensome there would be nothing to have a break from on “extraordinary occasions”.

The nationalist party in government needs a few of those brush up internal seminars questioning what ever happened to the Christian Democratic inspiration that inspired the 80’s movement of peaceful resistance and was the initial beacon for the changing nineties before something went awfully wrong… and it all went up in Unholy Smoke.


George Does Not Save Much (Birds)

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And while we are talking about saving, the above picture appeared in today’s Times on the same day that our earthly George was meeting Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas for an urgent meeting regarding the Spring Hunting issue. Pictured (Times photo) is a dead Pallid Harrier – shot out of the blue Maltese sky a week before the start of the Spring Hunting season. The last bit of information is actually superfluous since even if it were within the Hunting Season the shooting of this bird would still be illegal.

The government should be a little less concerned about saving our souls and more about saving those unprotected creatures who were unfortunate enough to opt to fly through the Maltese tax-laden skies.


7 responses to “Jesus Saves (Tax)

  1. Religion is the gel that keeps the Maltese nation together. It spans all social, class and political divides. It gives you Roamer’s column and Anglu Farrugia, Lawrence Gonzi and Adrian Vassallo, the middle-aged tal-pepe from Sliema who writes letters to The Times informing the world that she’s ‘found Jesus’ and the fireworks factory enthusiast from Paola.

    Liberals a la Salvu Balzan, DCG and I.M. Beck find this difficult to swallow and poke fun at the ‘backward locals’ as if it’s a minority group of fools that’s to blame.

    Only an entirely new group of people with an entirely different mindset can bring about this change. An ideological break with the past is needed. And you’d need the backing of Le Peuple. But does Le Peuple want change?

    In the meantime we’ll just keep on getting astounded (and amused) at bans on tangas and strip clubs, topless sunning, divorce, anti-abortion clauses and Gorg Preca tax exemptions. These are simply the logical outcomes for a nation in search of its true soul, perceived as a counterbalance to ‘liberal, secular, materialistic’ Europe (as Roamer and others would put it).

  2. Pawlutamalta

    Can you refer me to any writings from your good self re the introduction of the travel tax way back in 1997 by you know who . You seem to be enjoying the freedom afforded by this government shared in EU not thanks to AD who could have jepordised the whole thing in 2003 .

  3. Ralph Cassar

    Vote PN! Vote PN! they let us speak freely! oh my god! we can write whatever we want! what a HUGE achievement!….stop grovelling PawlutaL-Iran (erm Malta…ridt nghid!!) thing you’ll probably say is that PN only should be allowed to contest elections…

  4. I was thinking of creating a new religion. Each year we would travel to an agreed place, declare a Maltese Samaritan a saint and the once a year travel to the Bahamas for our yearly congregation. This way we could apply for the removal/reduction of travel tax for our travelling and sponsorship for our yearly trip to the Atlantic. Anyone would like to join?

    I am sure that the government will give us the same treatment!

  5. Dear most honored and highly blessed Brother and the great and gifted man of God.

    Thank God, for I am blessed to found you on the Internet and privileged to greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    It is an honor to see the wonderful work that you are doing for the Lord. We pray for your anointed ministry and ask God to accomplish great things through you for the salvation of the perishing souls in His creation.

    I would like to introduce you our ministry and myself. I am John Benton, Director of the JESUS SAVES MINISTRIES in Tanuku, a small town in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, State of India. We have a great love for our fellow brethren, those who are in the doom of darkness of idolatry and superstition as well as bound by the devil and demon lifestyles. We would love to be part of your ministry and see what God is going to do among many kinds of people through your wonderful Ministries here in India. Therefore, I am eager to work with you in this walk of faith to fulfill the purposes of God according to MATTHEW 28:19-20.

    We believe and trusting God that you can come to our country and be a blessing to our ministry for having Leadership Seminars to encourage and strengthen the servants of God in their labor as well as Revival Conventions and Open Air Crusades for the preaching of the Good News of salvation among many kinds of people, those who are dying in their sins without hearing the Gospel.

    We will be pleased to hear your comfortable word back soon in His faith ever.

    All of us here at the JESUS SAVES MINISTRIES love you and pray for you. Please accept us as your Ministerial partners and extend your right hand of fellowship. Kindly receive our wholehearted regards and most fraternal salutations.

    With much hope and belief upon you,
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    REV. JOHN BENTON, Director
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    The Ministry

    JESUS SAVES MINISTRIES and its partner ministries reach 32 of most unreached people groups in South India.

    JESUS SAVES MINISTRIES is a non-denomination, church planting, evangelistic ministry aiming at reaching people groups and villages which are still waiting for their first Gospel witness, especially in South India, Sri Lanka, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Churches planted are known as JSM CHURCHES.

    JESUS SAVES MINISTRIES is providing medical succor and education in various underprivileged remote areas in India and also working among the slums in the cities. Schools are operating, which provide free education to children and families who cannot afford education. We believe strongly that evangelism and social concern are two sides of the same coin and that one cannot do without the other. Jesus went about teaching and preaching, … healing and doing good. The Gospel is the root, of which evangelism and social activity are the fruits.

    JESUS SAVES MINISTRIES aims at reaching 30,000 villages by 2010 AD. The various other ministries of include Bible school, crusades, publishing and schools for destitute children.

    WE ARE HIS PEOPLE: Right now, a spiritual confrontation is taking place in the unseen world. In an unprecedented way, God is moving. A whole new door of receptivity is opening as never before. Such desperation and hunger for the living God has never before been seen across the world. God is on the move. We can either hinder Him or we can move with Him. The earthly ambitions, money, fame will all go one day. All would come down to what we have done for the Lord. We must do all we can so that the Gospel may be preached “BEFORE THE NIGHT COMES AND NO MAN CAN WORK.” Let us evaluate whatever we do, whatever we seek or aim for against the reality of the millions who will perish forever unless we reach them with the Gospel.

  6. Holy Guacamole…

  7. x biza ta nies.

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