Notes from a Drab Country

Malta did lose to Greece but I found that our performance is much much better under Mister Fitzel. The national team has become a fun thing to watch and is joining the ranks of Northern Ireland, Iceland, Finland and Azerbaijan in the group of small teams with modest aspirations getting good results.

This is the end of the first semester at the Court. The next two weeks are “White Weeks” – essentially a sort of school holiday. I am busy shutting down the office until the 16th. Bags must be packed from tonight because after a frolilcky weekend in the hexagon I leave for Malta on Monday morning…. just in time to play a game with the Deportivo Estudiantes on Monday night. I hope the weather in Malta is better by the time I get there.

It’s important not to forget that tomorrow is Jum il-Helsien. The you can spend the rest of the thinking time trying to remember what exactly it is we celebrate. Is Mintoff still in a celebrating mood for this kind of stuff? I have no idea. And frankly I don’t care. Have a good holiday anyway.

That’s all for now.


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