A bit of sporting trivia

As final preparations are made for tonight’s game between Malta and the current European Champions I thought of posing a little teaser question to you football fans out there. The following is the line up of two teams who faced off for a particular match, what I need to know is (a) the occasion, (b) the teams, (c) the winner and (d) where it was played. Good luck!

Team A.

Michel PREUD’HOMME (G), Wim HOFKENS, Leo CLIJSTERS (C), Graeme RUTJES, Geert DEFERM, Koen SANDERS, Pascal DE WILDE, Erwin KOEMAN, Marc EMMERS, Piet DEN BOER, Eli OHANA (Subs Used: Pail DEMESMAEKER, Paul Theunis. Coach Aad DE MOS)

Team B

Stanley MENZO (G), Danny BLIND, Peter LARSSON, Jan WOUTERS, Frank VERLAAT, Aaron WINTER, Arnold SCHOLTEN, Arnold MUHREN (C), John VAN’T SCHIP, John BOSMAN, Robert WITSCHGE (Subs Used: Dennis BERGKAMP, Henny MEIJER. Coach Barry HULSHOFF)

Note. The Bosman in team B is NOT Jean-Marc Bosman of the Bosman ruling fame!


4 responses to “A bit of sporting trivia

  1. Who gives a shit?

  2. Well, I would say that based on the current evidence, I do and you don’t. Which is why you are free NOT to answer. Thanks for reading anyway.

  3. mela… google told me thus:

    a) cup winners’ cup 1987/88
    b) kv mechelen – afc ajax amsterdam
    c) kv mechelen
    d) strasbourg, stade de la meinau

    do i get a j’accuse mug?

  4. No you don’t. Google Does.

    Well done for the research though Frankenstein!

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