Addendum to above (Shooting Oneself…)

From di-ve the newspaper roundup

VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news) — March 08, 2007 — 0925CET — The hunters’ protest in Valletta which turned violent was featured prominently in the local newspapers on Thursday.

The Times and The Malta Independent dedicated their entire front page to the incidents in Valletta, where journalists who were covering the hunters’ protest were assaulted and had their equipment taken from them by a group of demonstrators who also threw glass bottles at them.

The protest was intended to be a peaceful demonstration, but ended up in a shameful display of violence.

In-Nazzjon reported that established companies have already expressed their interest in the SmartCity project. It also said that the Qormi Labour mayor did not exclude an increase in fines, despite the revision in the local enforcement system being promised by the MLP.

L-Orizzont said that the FOI and the Chamber of Commerce have expressed their disappointment at the fact that the port reform has not been implemented yet. It also quoted GWU general secretary Tony Zarb saying that women have an important contribution in the country’s development.

 Nazzjon and Orizzont reporters must have been too busy to report the hunting protest… must have something to do with the days of reflection before the Local Council Elections on Saturday!


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