Construction Beer

So now the man known to Malta as ic-Caqnu will be making beer. What’s next? Caqnu Cheese? We’re looking forward for the first reports from our readers telling us whether Caqnu’s Beer tastes good!

See Maltastar.


4 responses to “Construction Beer

  1. Caqnu cheese my ass!!!!!!!! Will keep you posted about the beer and the Winner he is taking over. (Talk to anyone from Zejtun and they will tell you what that is). But Caqnu Cheeese…..NEVER!!! hmmph

  2. Coming soon in all leading supermarkets: Ċaqnu Oxygen.

  3. OOOh yes! Forgot about the oxygen!

  4. for your information we are now also producing cheese..and not just gebjniet but actual pecorino cheese of 2 kgs .
    sorry to disppoint you Annonymous!

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