Feasibly Possible

The two words in the title (feasibly possible) caught my attention this morning. I noticed that they seem to be a waste of words since as a matter of fact both words say the same thing. “Feasible” is doable… like “faisable” in French and “fattibile” in Italian. “Possible” means “can be done” as in “doable”. See where I am going? Why do we say “feasibly possible” when “feasible” or “possible” could be enough.

I suspect that “possible” qualifies the moment of “feasibility” in a very subtle nuance. “Feasibly possible” thus becomes when the feasibility becomes possible – feasibily referring to whatever it is that should become doable and possible referring to the doability of the feasibility itself.

Right. That solved it. Maybe.

Now for an ad. This month sees the Official Launching of espresso.com.mt after some months of test publishing. Espresso has a clear green line behind it and is a sort of voice of alternattiva demokratika. No. I have not got a tessera yet… and will probably never do … prefering to be a one-man influence on all changes possible (or feasible). Anyone questioning the independence of j’accuse should be comforted by the fact that I will write on any paper that allows added expression away from the nodes of power monopolised by they who must be elected at all costs.

So yes. The added benefit of espresso is that you will find a j’accuse column there once a week. Is there anything you could want more in life?

Ok. Ok. No need to answer that one.

Add espresso to your RSS feed or a be a conservative, status-quo-protecting, minority trouncing, wishy-washy, void-of-all-decision-making individual. Or just subscribe on the site itself. Reading new ideas never harmed anyone… until now it has not been feasibly possible to do so.


7 responses to “Feasibly Possible

  1. Where’s the Espresso RSS feed? I can’t find it on the site. It’s not feasibly visible…but’s it’s very possible that I missed it.

  2. Jacques René Zammit

    Will contact them pronto to add feed. You can still add the site to your aggregator by typing the name in directly.

  3. Rss Feed.

    I will put a priority on the RSS feeds next. I don’t think it should be difficult but I would be glad if you could test it for me to make sure it works.


  4. I plead guilty to my accuse/ations to being currently, not faesible.

  5. please please please teach Ian how to put in an RSS feed .and to display other RSS feeds on the site… (using Joomla!).


  6. RSS feed on espresso.com.mt should now be working. Can you please playtest it?

  7. It works! Thanks.

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