Grazie Lazio!

We may not be in Serie A… but there are still ways to get extreme delight out of a match. Ledesma, Oddo, Mutarelli… sounded like music to my ears as I logged on to check the results of the two Sunday Derbies. The London one turned out to be a drab affair… but the Lazio debacle… ah…

Lille was great. Much to report about – and will do so as soon as I get some deserved rest from the holiday.

Incidentally. If you really do not know what happened in Lazio… then you should be informed that the wunder Rigetta lost by three goals to nil against arch-rivals Lazio. As far as real matches go, Juventus beat Verona to go top of Serie B.


One response to “Grazie Lazio!

  1. Do you seriously want inter to win the scudetto? Nah….no way…any team but not inter.

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