Thirty one years ago today Messrs Anthony and Myriam Zammit were celebrating the birth of a newborn son. Apparently the baby was the missing link in the Darwinian theory of evolution since the lack of proportion between limbs and torso as well as the general pelosity of the screaming infant attested to the relationship between homo sapiens and the ape ancestors. In the words of the doctors (and grandma) he looked like a chimp.

Needless to say, the missing link was later baptised Jacques Rene’ Nicholas Marcel Zammit at the Gozo Cathedral much to the joy of the extended Zammit and Agius families in Gozo.

Tempus fuggit, man.


10 responses to “XXXI

  1. ‘Thirty one days ago today’
    Do you mean years? If not you must be still in nappies man….
    Ad multos annos, anyway.

  2. Awguri Jacques. Not sure whether Borat has come to Lux yet – if he has I’d strongly recommend treating yourself to a billet de cinema tonight.

  3. Awguri awguri awguri w xewqat sbieh
    Awguri awguri f’dan il-jum sabih 🙂

    (kienet tkun kantata minn xi enzo guzman minn ghalija fuq cable radio tnejn) fl-80s.

  4. Hi Jacques,

    According to Adolf Hitler, generally speaking a man should not publicly take part in politics before he has reached the age of thirty. he adds that a man must first acquire a fund of general ideas and fit them together so as to form an organic structure of personal thought or outlook on life- a weltanschauung. – Mein Kampf, Volume 1

    I`m no fan of AH but i`m sure you achieved your weltanschauung a long time ago…

    Happy Birthday!!

    Aaron F

  5. Pierre J. Mejlak

    Awguri u xewqat sbieh!

  6. Justin Borg Barthet

    happy birthday zmien!

  7. Hélas, le temps il passe, je sens le poids des ans…

    Nifraħlek għal għeluq sninek, Marcel. Ħu gost.

    Christopher Aloysius Paul

  8. happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday!

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