Zeus, Foie Gras and other things

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A conversation over dinner yesterday sidetracked into the realm of Greek myths and fables. My Greek friend was obviously much better versed in the matter than myself and never confused the Greek names of the deities with their Roman counterparts. Part of my childhood was spent reading various of the love stories, martial exploits and heroic wanders to be found in the Greek mythology, the Arabian nights and anything similar that I might encounter. I could list the names of various deities just as quickly as I could identify the disonaurs from the different periods.

I wonder whether today’s children are still tried by Jason, the Minotaur, Demeter and Proserpina, Zeus and this sexual fantasies, Hades and Cerebrus, playful pan and the Argonauts. I wonder whether the interest in dinosaurs is as intense as it was in the eighties when the gretaest question for an eight year old amounted to whether Tyrranosaurus Rex could really outdo a Brontosaurus and how many days it would take for the carcass to be devoured. Yesterday I discovered that behind each name in Greek mythology lies a meaning. So much to learn. So little time.

The culinary experience yesterday was magnificent. We went to a place called “Les Plats Canailles de La Bleue Maison” in Habay-La-Neuve (Belgium). Yesterday was a special menu which I will share with you in a moment. The ambience was amazing, the food divine and the company exquisite. Yes, you guess right… it was a great evening.

La Carte
Un apéritif ma foi … très canaille et ses amuse-bouches
Un duo de foie gras de canard :
L’un nature à la fleur de sel
L’autre fourré d’une compote de mangue, coulis de mangue infusé au thym
Une rencontre de produits fermiers …
Un magret de canette rôti et du boudin noir au saindoux, rettich aux gésiers confits, gros champignon de Paris farci d’une purée de pomme de terre au Beaufort, sauce fine aux essences de mandarine.
« Reblochonnade » aux pommes de terre « Charlotte », crème fleurette et ventrêche, salade de chicon à l’huile de noisette et noisettes grillées.
Sur une ganache au chocolat noir, un sablé aux épices et banane caramélisée flambée au rhum, glace rhum-raisin.
Moka et ses mignardises

One response to “Zeus, Foie Gras and other things

  1. i can tell you for a fact that yes, dinosaurs are still as popular as ever with kids nowadays, and along with sharks, they top the list of the non-fiction books that i stamp out daily…

    greek myths are not that popular… then again today’s brat generation are not graced with such role models as we had: the “nanerottolo”, “nonno zeus”, “zio bacco”, “zio poseidone”, “nonna era”, ecc

    Sembra talco ma non e`, serve a darti l’allegria

    whatever that might mean nowadays…

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