Xifer 31

Q. What do you do when a Sant-loving, commie-licking, gay-adulating, morrissey-idolising, wannabe-linguist, retired publicist, sexy-seperatee, wishy-washy socialist wankellectual turns thirty-one?

A. Shout Happy Birthday. Obviously.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARKImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Heart-Wrenching Note to all practising homosexuals:
Mark has not yet switched to your side. He was simply caught unawares at a party posing as a fake gay. From fake commie to fake gay… we love you Mark we do! You are not a Communist!


3 responses to “Xifer 31

  1. Kwazi l-isbah rigal…imma kwazi

  2. Sant-loving? Gay-adulating?


  3. Ritratt mill-iktar interessanti. G?ad tirba? xi ?ew? Pulitzers bih!

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