Thar She Blows

Readers of this blog will have noticed that something was amiss yesterday when I failed to report on the latest oeuvre d’art of Mme Vassallo protector of the poor. We were all worriedly wondering why the Dame of the Poor had vanished, and having combed through the Times online edition without any sign of the Socialist answer to Mother Theresa we had begun to resign ourselves to the early demise of the writings of the communist columnist with a heart.


Thanks to Pierre Meilak, Vassallo’s outpourings have been sighted on another paper which (fortunately) is not often perused by yours truly. By some metempshychotic manifestation what was not on the Times on Thursday appeared in red glory on Friday. Even more metaphysically and coincidentally, while I was blogging about genes and genomes, Vassallo was having Hamletic disquisitions as to her allegiance within the heart of Socialist Malta and comparing such to choice between pa and ma.



That pa and ma in question happen to be KMB and Freddy S (Who’s the daddy?) made the article readable on the whole. I must say that Lorna’s Maltese (or that of the correctors at orizzont) make the article much less of an entertaining experience than her English crusades of past. It is with sadness however that we note that this new generation politician of the labourite ilk makes her policy choices on the basis of persons (ad personam) and not on the basis of the most convincing argument.


Yep! Being in favour of the ratification of the constitution or against does not depend on any reasons political. Ah no…. it all hangs on whether you want Freddy to be your Daddy…


Till next blog… hope you all have a whale of a time!

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