When the Gods Came Down to Play

“Nel senso che la Sele�ao incanta, ma soprattutto vince, con un modulo tattico che nel Belpaese farebbe scomunicare, con la patente di eretico, qualsiasi allenatore. E invece Parreira, che ha dichiarato proprio oggi che lascer� la panchina dopo il Mondiale tedesco, schiera uno spavaldo, nello schema e negli interpreti, 4-2-2-2. Difesa a quattro puntellata (?) da Roque Junior, uno che in serie A faceva la riserva nel Siena. Poi due mediani (?) davanti alla difesa: Emerson, che da noi � apprezzato soprattutto per gli inserimenti offensivi, e Z� Roberto, ex ala sinistra, certo pi� portato a costruire gioco che a distruggerlo. Poi la coppia di talenti Ronaldinho-Kak�, dietro al diamante grezzo Robinho e ad Adriano, piazzato al centro dell’attacco.La ricetta Brasile � semplice: tenere palla, farla girare, e poi affidarsi alla fantasia ed alla classe dei singoli. Se la palla ce l’hai tu, anche l’avversario pi� temibile diventa innocuo, e provate voi a togliere il pallone ai brasiliani, tutti dotati di tecnica invidiabile. E cos� anche una difesa sulla carta non proprio ermetica diventa una specie di cassaforte (quasi) inespugnabile. L’Argentina, che pure l’8 giugno, mica preistoria, aveva battuto i verdeoro 3-1 a Buenos Aires in una gara valida per le qualificazioni mondiali, vendicando la rocambolesca sconfitta patita nella finale di Coppa America, non riesce a reagire, e finisce per fare la figura dello sparring partner. Da non credere.”

….because when Brasil beat Argentina 4-1 and they play the way they played, you begin to understand why there is nothing better than the beautiful game.


13 responses to “When the Gods Came Down to Play

  1. Hmmm never really liked footie (well except when I was sitting for my undergrad finals and there was the world cup going on heehhe) but have recently started enjoying rugby, mostly cos the man is South African and rugby mad. And I also enjoy seeing men hurting each other 🙂 He reckons I should now start appreciating cricket… fat chance, but I look forward to England being beaten at the Ashes:)

  2. I’m a Fiorentina fan – in other words I don’t like football. :p

    the words “Fiorentina” and “football” are incompatible it seems…

    Athena – madonna, kieku l-innu Malti jigi ppersonifikat jikbi bil-kumment uber-anglo tieghek…

    x’jonqos? tiehu t-te ma’ Lord Tuppenworth, issir hbieb ma’ Lady Lady Lady Oscar (“anche nel duello eleganza c’e'”), tghid “Tally Ho!” meta tiltaqa man-nies, u tnaddaf il-monocle sakemm titkellem dwar il-filosofiji tajbin ta’ Jeremy Bentham?

    (qed niccajta btw… or am i? :P)

  3. Hey hey rugby and cricket are pure South African sports:P Well ok they prolly originated in England, what do I know?:) And the man definitely gets upset at being called British *g*

  4. Antoine Cassar

    Tea and crumpets, anyone?

  5. Jacques René Zammit

    haaaaaaaafna wens

  6. Antoine Cassar

    Indeed you are rather a gentleman, if I may say so… 😉

    Tally ho!!

  7. You can get crumpets from any alleyway:P

    For the record, I drink coffee. Or rather, my veins have coffee instead of that silly blood.

    Now, since I get to leave tomorrow and not face the backlash:P Here’s my statement of the day: Football is for ponces, real men play rugby.

    *runs to avoid the anger* 😉

  8. Jacques René Zammit

    you are right.
    football is not for men.
    It is for Gods.

  9. A bunch of men running around a field chasing after a little ball. Never saw the point of it myself.

    I agree with Athena, in Rugby you get to see real action!

    *passes round the crumpets*

  10. Jacques René Zammit

    you are right again….

    football is a bunch of men running around a field chasing after a little ball.

    …rugby on the other hand…..


  11. I’ll be honest… I just love seeing men in pain:P

  12. Jacques, perhaps “rugby is a bunch of men running around a field chasing each other?”

    I still cannot understand how the heck you can shoot a rugby ball.

  13. football – the sport of gods?! if the players are the lower gods then the trainers/managers are the supreme gods… I always imagined god to be a bit better-looking than Serse Cosmi.

    if god is indeed Serse Cosmi we’re going to be in trouble when judgment day is finally upon us…

    “Jacquiiiiiiino, brutto peccatore vi� qua, m’ai sbajatto er blogge, ora te’ de� spezza ‘na gamba…”

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