Non Sequitur #2

The “Polish plumber” was the bogeyman threatening French jobs in France’s referendum on the EU constitution. Poland is now wooing French tourists with this ad, which says: “I am staying at home, come in large numbers” .I wonder when the Sicilian Carpenter advertising campaign will be launched in Malta!


2 responses to “Non Sequitur #2

  1. Why is it that every time I get a plumber he’s old, wrinkly and ugly? Maybe moving to Poland is a good idea 😉

  2. Sandro Zerafa

    Tajba din. Tfakkarni meta kont nargumenta ma’ certi muzicisti Maltin fuq id-dhul ta’ malta fl-ewropa, li bi xenophobia/paranoia kbira kienu jahsbu li ha jigu “muzikanti” barranin johdulhom xoghlhom….

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