Crossed Lines – The Beck Effect

First of all, Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there.

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I can’t believe its not a pro-life poster!One dad in particular was very nice to me and mentioned J’Accuse on The Times. I am talking of none other than the inspirational I.M. Beck. The link from his weekly column produced a previoulsy unseen surge of hits in J’Accuse. J’Accuse had 454 hits on Saturday 18th June (the average used to be 102). Not having much time to blog this weekend I would just like to holler a big thank you to Mr. Beck for the mention and for the opportunity to prove the possibility of the positive effects of the symbiotic workings between Blog and MSM.

Have to rush off to the Clausen for a brunch at an anglophilic cooking place called Maybe Not Bob’s. Had to end this blog with a gastronomic slant… must be Beck’s influence.


5 responses to “Crossed Lines – The Beck Effect

  1. Hmmm gastronomy and British in the same sentence? That’s the worst oxymoron ever:P Anyways, I saw the reference to your blog in Beck’s column, very happy to hear that you got the “ad”. You deserve it:) Enjoy the food and all that.

  2. This idea that there are so many Maltese blogs is quite misleading. There are just a handful of good blogs. The rest are pure crap. I do read the good ones though, mainly Immanuel, Mark, Toni, Robert, Pierre, Sharon, Antoine, Thermidor, Gybexi, maybe a couple of others that cannot come to mind and that’s it. So are we speaking of a phenomenon or of just a group of interesting people jotting down some notes every now and then?

  3. Jacques René Zammit

    i do note that i am not in your list of good ones. Intentional? or maybe I am just crap…

    in any case it is your right to choose. a blogger could either be incentivised to continue because he likes his work (without needing other people’s approval) or because he gets good feedback or registers a good following (hits and comments).

    as for misleading… misleading for what purpose? Why do I detect resentment in this kind of comment? Who cares how many bloggers there are… what matters is that there are a few doing something out here. Of course reading them regularly depends on your taste… I am sure there are many people who cannot stand mine… but then I never set out to write a blog to be nice to people.

    PS I still cannot stand anonymous postings. And maybe I am the wrong person to direct these questions to. I am loathe to waste time asking why such and such happens as against enjoying its existence…

  4. inspirational? beck? now there’s a first….

  5. yours is one of them i like as well. i also forget to mention the two guys in paris who i also enjoy reading and erezija sometimes is good as well.

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