A quick blog from Malta. I got the news of the passing away fo Julian while at a bbq in Malta. I had to call a friend to make sure the news was true. It was shocking. Julian was to me another early inspiration who helped me to understand that in politics being different from the norm is not necessarily wrong.

He is now gone to that great place in the sky. It was a bit too early to leave us in my opinion. We could have had Julian over for a couple of years longer. But there is no meddling with the divine plan. All we can do is learn to enjoy the simple things in life more and do so in his memory. Thank you Julian… farewell… and hope you will be there to welcome us in the big campus in the sky.


One response to “Julian

  1. Antoine Cassar

    The big campus in the sky!! I like that phrase! If going to heaven is like going back to University, I want in, man!!!

    Looking forward to see Julian up there, if I make it.

    Sahha Jacques, ghada ncempillek.


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